Bhubesi Pride Foundation’s group of excited, enthusiastic and highly committed volunteer coaches have begun the charity’s 5-month journey in Kenya.


The entire 160-day event was proudly launched with G4S Kenya and Shamas Rugby Foundation and was a vibrant launch event packed with kids at KCA University, the venue for the planned rugby tournament day.


With this year’s expedition now fully underway, the Bill McLaren Foundation are proud to be funding a range of grant assisted volunteer places from both home and abroad. Several young Scottish Development officers will join the Bubeshi Pride over the next 5 months in the delivery of rugby sessions, from grassroots to national level, across nine African countries. Developing their coaching and leadership skills while gaining first-hand experience about the difference rugby can make in communities and the lives of others, especially children.


Richard Bennett, BPF Founder & MD said;

“It is remarkable seeing the work of the charity on the ground, driven by our entire team. It’s incredible seeing our Pride members engaging so effectively with children, local staff and G4S employees. Rugby continues to be received so well and remains an invaluable tool to unite communities in a fun and engaging way. The combined effort is a joy to witness.”



You can follow the Pride on their epic journey here


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