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Bill McLaren was a man who represented all that is best about rugby union. He was known as “The Voice of Rugby” not just because of the beauty of his tone and the delight of his imaginative phrasing, but because he portrayed our game as we would always wish it to be.


The Charitable Foundation was set up in March 2010 to raise funds to support the development of rugby and its values and also to recognise the contribution Bill McLaren made to rugby through education and the development of an interpretative centre including Bill's extensive archive including his big sheets.

The Foundation has been set up in Bill’s name, and with the support of his family, which we invite you to help establish. Your support will serve three purposes :


• To develop and promote the sport of rugby union and its values

• To encourage and provide sporting opportunities for young people

• To create an educative centre which will include the Bill McLaren Archive


The Foundation will support fundraising through dinners, events, auctions and the reproduction of replica copies of Bill’s Big Sheets. We will also be glad to receive offers from around the globe to set up your one-off, annual or now-and- again fundraising event.  Interested?  Let us know!


Bill McLaren Foundation Application Process


The Bill McLaren Foundation aims to support individuals and organisations to actively promote and develop rugby union and its values, as personified by Bill McLaren and by providing opportunities for youngsters in other sports.

In May 2011 The Bill McLaren Foundation awarded its first grant of £2000 to Hawick High School for the pilot of “The Class of Rugby”.

Linda Lawson, Bill's daughter said “We’re delighted that the first grant was awarded to Hawick High School – a location very close to Dad’s heart. As well as fulfilling one of the aims of the Foundation ‘to develop and promote the game of rugby and its values’, this grant also emphasises his passion for teaching.”


“The Foundation has now reached the stage where we have a modest sum available from which we can award grants. We’re looking at a number of applications from all over the UK and are looking forward to announcing other national projects shortly.”

Our biggest project to date is in conjunction with Positive Coaching Scotland and is a new programme to be targeted at all rugby clubs and rugby playing schools in Scotland.

Positive Coaching Scotland [PCS] is a cultural change programme that shapes youngsters lives with the help of parents, coaches and teachers to make playing rugby fun.  It achieves this by engaging with them in a practical coaching philosophy which nurtures a can-do attitude and greater self-belief.

Find out more about the grants we have awarded here.

Apply for a grant

When we have received a completed application from you we will start the assessment process. The Directors will meet to discuss applications on a quarterly basis and you should expect to hear around 10 days after the discussions - generally held in July / October / January / April.



NB Grants must be submitted electronically and please ensure that all sections are fully completed. Partially completed forms will not be considered.

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