Positive Coaching Scotland (PCS) Programme

The Positive Coaching Scotland Programme operates in association with the Bill Mclaren Foundation and as a partnership between sportscotland, the Winning Scotland Foundation and Scottish Rugby.


The new PCS Programme for both clubs and schools has be titled

‘The Bill McLaren Rugby Programme’ in recognition of how Bill McLaren championed the culture, values and ethos that rugby can bring to each individual involved, with the main aims to develop players on and off the field by:


  • Developing coaches and teachers to have a mastery approach  to coaching.
  • Developing coaches, teachers and parents to create a positive learning environment for players.
  • Developing a culture that transcends all elements of rugby.


Apart from being a renowned broadcaster for 5 decades as the BBC's Voice of Rugby, Bill McLaren was a peripatetic teacher in his beloved Hawick. He would instil in his young charges the values he held dear such as respect for officials the opposition and your team mates, sportsmanship, dignity in defeat as well as being humble in victory, discipline, turning up on time and being smart both for sport and for school. He encouraged youngsters to be the best that they could be and inspired them to go that extra yard be it on the rugby field, dance floor or classroom. He was always positive looking for attributes in every child and encouraging them accordingly and by doing so gave them more confidence.


To date, we have given £100,000 to help implement the programme and now over 50 clubs are engaged with PCS from all areas of Scotland.  The main thrust of this programme is to encourage effort, teach youngsters simple but important life skills and most importantly how to help them and their parents and coaches deal with their mistakes. The programme epitomises what Bill McLaren stood for and is arguably the most important project we have embraced as a charity.






Should you wish to enrol your club in the programme or have any enquiries, please contact Gordon Lyon, Coach Development Officer:

Positive Coaching Scotland (Email: | Tel: 07794 623373)

Positive Coaching Scotland Phase 2 (PCS2)

Several other sports have followed suit particularly Football and there is a groundswell of opinion suggesting that PCS should be extended beyond sport into mainstream education. There is much discussion about Scottish youngsters not having the skill set to face the challenges of the modern world and in particular the work place. It is hoped that PCS phase 2 may answer some of these concerns.


The idea is to deliver a programme that takes children on a journey from birth through early years, pre- school and into primary and secondary school. The approach to education however will be significantly different to that in sport and requires empirical evidence before educationalists and government will consider the project for mainstream education.


The original 3 pillars of Respect, Mastery and Confidence will be expanded with 5 further pillars to include;

  • Leadership
  • Culture Development
  • Values, Mindset
  • Character and Life Skills


In order to be successful we must show that PCS2 is complementary to the Curriculum for Excellence, meets the needs of Government and most importantly addresses the needs and issues facing young people.


The Winning Scotland Foundation have specifically asked the Bill McLaren Foundation to support the development and piloting phase of three pillars which most closely align with the vision of the Bill McLaren Foundation. These are;

  • Respect £10,000
  • Values £20000
  • Character and Life Skills £20000
  • Total investment is £50,000 for each of the next 2 years (2016 and 2017)


Bill was synonymous with values and his huge passion and love of teaching were clearly evident throughout his life. To achieve our goals we need to fund research in to these 3 pillars and then using PCS literature reviews, consultations and evidence, focus on those that are most relevant to young people today.


It is hoped that the Value and Life skill pillars would be named after Bill McLaren - a fitting legacy for his work.


Hopefully this project will inspire not only the youngsters in Scotland to raise their game but also will appeal to people from all walks of life and all ages to get involved and make a difference for the benefit of generations to come.


If you would like to find out more about the Power of PCS please get in touch (Email: or if you would like to make a donation to our Foundation you can by clicking here



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